As the Corona virus pandemic continues, during the lockdown, we all witnessed an increase in behavior issues with the kids. Whether it’s anxiety, or anger, or protest however, they were unaware as to why they are unable to go out or play.

All those kids need right now is to feel comforted, loved, and assured.  We request all the parents to please spend as much time as possible with your kids. Do everything possible to keep them engaged – play board games, watch motivational movies together, go on virtual field trips, draw and paint pictures, spend some storytime or just cuddle up doing sweet little nothings. Please understand that our kid’s mental and emotional wellbeing should be our highest priority always.

Most of the days, while parents had to listen to their children’s feelings, they feel devastated and wonder if they are not doing enough for them. The reality is that this is an odd time where both parents and children are mirroring similar feelings and are finding themselves stuck. The last few months have been a reminder that the lockdown and pandemic has changed our children’s world.

These are challenging times for all, especially children. Those whose exams have been cancelled are perhaps are clueless, with nothing to do: they cannot go out and play, cannot go on trips, or meet up with their near and dear ones.

Keeping the current pandemic situation in mind, we have to go with the fact that there will be no coronavirus vaccination for at least a year. And the current routine might become the lifestyle for a year or two. The virtual world has replaced most of our real-life connections whether it is school, work, recreation, shopping, fitness etc. all are happening online. 

To help children and adolescents maintain a positive frame of mind its best to make them follow the routine they had before the lockdown. The only way to make sure Kids don’t stop learning and the academic year remains unaffected, we have to keep them engaged through online classes. And also encourage them to pursue their interests, and hobbies and enjoy and appreciate what they do.

The parents and teachers have to strike a balance between online and offline activities of their children and work together to keep the future generations unscathed and safe from its risks to their mind and body.

Irrespective of the impact COVID-19 on of our life, we should always remember that it brought the families, communities, nations and the entire world together to fight against it and save humanity from the biggest threat it has ever experienced.

Please do take all the preventive measures staying alert and precautious all the time.

Stay Home, Stay Safe and Stay Blessed.

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